Survey Report

· OOur last Service Review took place in October/November 2016.

·    We sent out 6 questionnaires with SAE to families.

·    We received 1 completed questionnaires from relatives.

·     We gave 7 questionnaires to the people we support.

·     We received 6 completed questionnaires.

·     We hand Staff who leave a Leavers Questionnaire

·     We have received 2 completed questionnaires back.

We asked the people we support:

How would you describe the care and support you receive at Stanwell Rest Home?

We asked the people we support:

·     Do you like your Home?

·     Would you like to see any changes?

·     What do you particularly like about living at Stanwell Rest Home?

We Asked Staff and families……

How would you describe the care and support at Stanwell Rest Home?

The Residents enjoy weekly activities such as attending Coffee morning at the local church, travelling into town to do a bit of personal shopping, or attending local Garden Centres and places of interest by mini bus. This year one of the speciality activities enjoyed by the Residents was Longdown Dairy visiting the Home with the baby Farm animals: Goats, Piglets, Chicks, Ducks, Max the Donkey to name but a few ……..

There have been a couple of Staff Leavers this year, all have moved on and decided on a change in career.

The above gives an overview of comments / feelings given via completed questionnaires.

So…What we have learned and plan for improvements.

The response from the people we support, their relatives and staff was good and very much appreciated. Thank you.

There is always room for improvement and we will always, use any feedback as an opportunity to develop the Home.

Results received from Residents indicate they feel happy, safe, enjoy their food, are pleased with their rooms.

No concerns with the care provided, staff are always friendly and approachable and do their best to attend to Residents in a timely manner.

When Staff were supervised they all indicated that enjoy working at Stanwell Rest Home, and have job satisfaction.

Everyone feels that the care and activities are excellent :)

What's Next?......

Home Manager will discuss the results at the next staff meeting, and will display a copy of this report on the Home Notice Board so it is available for any relatives or visitor to the home to view.

Manager will continue to follow up results and discuss ideas for improvements with staff.

This will then be reviewed at the next meeting which will improve consistency of actions being completed and will be a positive step to demonstrate to the whole team that everyone is working collectively together and being required to achieve the same goals.

A survey will be sent out to 8 further Residents, Relatives and Staff every year. The next survey will be sent/given out end November 2017.